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Our team of talented cinematographers, writers, directors and producers have the know-how and experience to approach any project of any size. We at Reel Life Cinematography know how to exceed expectations while staying under budget.


We are a small team with big ideas

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Billy, Chris and the crew are truly talented at capturing amazing moments. Our wedding video and trailer are awesome–we still can’t believe how well we can relive our wedding day each time we watch these videos!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, your videographer is with you all day. These are the guys you want. High energy and outgoing when needed, fade into the background and capture the moment when it’s right. They were there from hair and makeup time straight through to when we closed down the dance floor.

Thank you!
Vicky and Dino

Vicky and Dino Pasvankias

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710 Hollywood Ave.
Bronx, NY 10465

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