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Commercial Video

If it were five years in the future, would you be reading this article or would you be watching it?


When it comes to a solid corporate video production strategy, you have to cover all of your bases. Video is the most impactful marketing tool you can use to promote your company.

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Your clients need visual reminders as to why they need your product or service.

When it comes to marketing, you need know one thing: Google Loves Video. Google now incorporates more than just links into their search results – they incorporate video results as well.

Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo make it easy to share video using a link to the video or the embed code provided by the site. This makes it much more likely that people will share your amazing corporate videos on their blog, Facebook page, or other social media account. This means that if you create a great message with your video, you don’t have to make it your life’s mission to share the video. After a little promotion by your business, you could have others promoting it for you!

Promotion through video is essential for any business looking to thrive in the 21st century.

Viral Video & Entertainment

We know Viral Video. So Tiri aka Billy Anastasiou, our director, has achieved over 20 million views on YouTube alone and has become an international Viral Video Sensation.

Viral marketing is the goal of many companies looking to leverage the social media space to promote their products. Defined as piece of content generated by a person or business that inspires consumers to eagerly share it with their expanded social circle, viral marketing can help build brand recognition instantly — but is easier said than done.


Viral marketing can be important in launching a new product by getting your brand in front of a large potential market quickly. A YouTube video costs a fraction as much as a TV commercial, but if it inspires people to share your message it can have a major impact on brand recognition. Twitter and Facebook are among the other social media tools that allow users to share content, and are useful in attracting attention.


Documentary is Reel Life.

First rule of making a documentary: Never make a documentary. Make a movie.

We are Reel Life Cinematography know how to use the right film techniques and combine them with creativity in order to produce a great documentary.

Our driving force behind all of our projects is this simple question: What’s Your Story?


Educational video resources are a great way to add visual stimuli to your lectures. They can help to heighten the educational experience and raise the level of engagement. Video is the bridge to knowledge.

There are different types of learners in this world, and when it comes to content, your goal is to educate. Whether it’s for a college or a nursery school, a seminar or a day-camp, the use of video to relay your story could be the catalyst to your audience absorbing your message.

Video Editing

Anyone can edit. Not everyone is an editor.


No matter how well-written the script is, how creatively the footage was filmed, how powerful the message is, professional editing is what transforms videos from great productions into amazing stories.

When you trust your video to be edited by Reel Life Cinematography, you can count on it being worked on by experienced professionals. Our post production crew is licensed and certified not only as editors, but as teachers in the latest post-production software.


Wedding Cinematography

A wedding video not only captures the events that you are a part of, but also those that you will miss.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.43.17 PM

Why Should I Have a Wedding Video?

Your wedding day will be a blur to you and your parents. You plan the many details for months, if not years, but your wedding day goes by so fast that you will miss a large part of it. You spend thousands of dollars on all the details that will make your event special, yet the memories often fade.

A wedding video is like a “time machine”. It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like.

Is a Wedding Video Important if I will have Wedding Photos?

Both your wedding photos and your wedding video are of equal importance. You can’t frame your wedding video. But, you can’t hear your marriage vows, see a tear as it rolls down your cheek, or relive the sights, sounds, and emotions of your dad walking you down the aisle or your first dance as husband and wife by looking at a photograph. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is thousands of moving pictures.

You can also share your wedding video online or share it on an mobile device with family & friends who missed your special day.

Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography are both artistic expressions and vary from artist to artist. It is important to view the work of each and meet one-on-one with the person that will be producing your photographs and your wedding video. Make sure that their style and personalities match your expectations.

Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?

Your wedding day will only happen once in your life. Don’t regret not having your precious memories preserved in a wedding video that you can see and relive over and over.

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